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Samurai’s Username Moderation detected over 12000 toxic usernames since the launch of a new game title during the game’s first months on the market

Username Moderation
1 December 2023
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Freedom Games is a game publishing company, founded in Alabama, USA. They are committed to helping gamers by creating amazing gaming experiences and aiding developers by promoting their games to new players. Freedom Games assists creators in making their games a reality for players all around the world. The company is staffed by a team of passionate gamers with decades of combined expertise in the games business.

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In May 2023, Freedom Games released Against All Odds, their new online game. From the outset, the company wanted to create a community free from toxicity starting with the usernames of the players.

Since the game is publicly available on Steam and acquires up to several hundred new users a day, it was crucial to prevent toxic names from the very beginning, rather than spending a lot of resources and time on manual moderation of the community later.


Samurai’s Username Moderation is the best method for protecting online game communities against disruptive, offensive, and harmful game identities. In order to locate the original attempt to create a toxic username and to uncover hidden meanings in usernames, we employ our proactive AI Neuro-Symbolic approach, which combines LLMs and symbolic reasoning.

Samurai protects by censoring hostile usernames that can alienate other users and encourage more abuse.

Freedom Games utilized our API by integrating it with their registration and username creation process. Thanks to that, they created a healthier environment, free from toxic users from the very beginning of the game.

Our Username Moderation service remains active and verifies incoming Against All Odds usernames constantly since May 2023.


Over 3 months we processed over 340,000 usernames coming from Freedom Games. Some of them contained two or more identical usernames. After removing them, circa 270,000 unique usernames remained, out of which circa 12,000 were detected as toxic. It means that 4.27% of all username attempts were blocked because of violating the community standards.

Our data-based analysis shows that we successfully detected 88.8% of all toxic usernames (recall) with a precision of 99.22%.

Within the data we found the full variety of the types of toxicity we detect in usernames, including: sexual, offensive, profanity, political, drugs, violence, medical, religion and other (inappropriate). By detecting such a wide range of toxic content, Samurai’s Username Moderation is able to protect not only against vulgar language but also against offensive content inappropriate for kids or directed at minorities.


Samurai Labs successfully detected 88.8% of all toxic usernames


Samurai detected toxic usernames with a precision of 99.22%

340,000 usernames

In 3 months we processed over 340,000 usernames

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