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International Network Against Cyberhate (INACH)

Bringing real-time counterspeech to the darkest corners of the web in order to evaluate students after completing the online course

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1 December 2023
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The International Network Against Cyberhate (INACH) has a mission to combat online violence and discrimination.

INACH unites organizations around the world, incorporating different cultural backgrounds to address online hate by monitoring, content removal, educational methods, international cooperation, advocacy and cutting-edge technology. With their diverse perspective they are at the forefront of bringing the online space in line with human rights.

INACH has initiated and implemented free online training to educate about online hate speech and ways to counter it. It’s aimed at those with ties to the police and youth. Three main sections of the course include media literacy, hate speech online, and counter-speech. At the end of each section, participants are asked to complete an engaging exercise to test their acquired knowledge. After the course completion, they receive an official certificate.

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INACH operates in n 27 countries around the world, and 4 different continents, and growing. They train various organizations, leaders and individuals around the world on detecting and responding to cyber hate. Critical to this effort is the development of tools for training that keep up with the use of the internet and forms of hate occurring in various environments. 

We identified 3 crucial needs in its online course that were important to address:

  • How to enable trainees to test themselves after the course and gain experience in counter-speech?
  • How to enable INACH to verify the knowledge of trainees and evaluate their counter-speaking skills after the course?
  • How to verify participants’ knowledge and at the same time do something good in the digital world?

“At Samurai Labs we believe in the power of norm reinforcement and positive behavioral change utilizing counter speech strategies. We conduct studies to gather evidence for its effectiveness in violence reduction. Partnership with INACH was an opportunity to broaden our endeavors and collaboratively address prejudice, uniting in a common mission, while teaching people how to effectively use counter speech in real online situations.” Patrycja Tempska, Samurai Labs Impact Co-founder


United by a shared mission to combat online violence and discrimination, Samurai Labs and INACH have partnered on a project. It’s a free online course on hate speech and counter-speech, during which Samurai is detecting online hate speech in real-time on 4chan, so that participants who are active in the implementation of human rights on the Internet, willing to counter hateful narratives, can intervene anonymously on the darker corners of the online space while practicing their skills of counter-speech. 

How does it work in practice? 

Samurai Labs provides extremely precise Artificial Intelligence-based models for the detection of online hate speech. They scan all content on 4chan real-time to provide participants with hateful comments to which they can respond with counter-speech — a narrative aimed at the behavioral change of those who express hateful attitudes. Once hate speech gets detected, participants are notified via an online platform and can then anonymously intervene and test their knowledge gained through the INACH training. Such exercise does not only allow for the evaluation of course effectiveness but also entails a positive impact on one of the darker corners of the internet, a breeding ground for racism and online hate – 4chan.

  • Student completes the educational part of the course
  • Samurai generates over a dozen exercises with references to actual posts on the 4chan platform along with a link
  • Trainee intervenes in real cases of hate speech and at the same time uses the acquired knowledge in practice
  • INACH has the ability to evaluate the student’s performance

Participants, thanks to Samurai Labs technology, do not need to browse through a ton of online content to find hateful messages, but rather are alarmed by AI, which has the ability to scan millions of comments within seconds. Through such partnership, human rights are actively reinforced and a contribution to a safer internet for people of different creeds and colors is made, uniting Samurai Labs and INACH in a shared mission. 

“Samurai links our trainees completely anonymously to real life instances of cyber hate where they can directly practice what they have just learned in a safe and practical manner.” – 2020 INACH Annual Report


Samurai Labs together with INACH created an exercise for the participants of a counter speech course in which AI delivered cases of hate speech in real-time on 4 chan with a high precision. Thanks to its ability to scan millions of conversations within seconds, the most important needs of the course were addressed and the following value was created:

Real Cases

The possibility of evaluating the knowledge of trainees on real cases, straight after completing the course

Real Impact

Enabling people to test themselves and make real impact in the digital world with the acquired knowledge

Saving Time and Hustle

The ability to positively model discussions on the web without the need to manually search for hate speech threads, saving time and hussle

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