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One Life

AI project for detecting and preventing suicidal tendencies on social media

Suicide Prevention
1 December 2023
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Project Information

Developing a safety net for social platforms by detecting suicidal tendencies in online posts and offering people in need a caring intervention with relevant resources.


More than 700,000 people die by suicide every year, according to the WHO. Suicide is a major problem among young people. As the CDC indicates, youth and young adults ages 10–24 account for 15% of all suicides. Among young adults aged 20-24, the suicide rate was 12.5% per 100,000 people in 2000. In 2017, the number rose to 17.5% per 100,000.

Our goal is to reach everyone in need in real-time with a network of support including free and reliable resources. We connect those most vulnerable with real human beings who care and are there to listen and de-escalate the crisis.


One Life uses artificial intelligence developed by Samurai Labs to detect suicidal messages on online platforms and redirect the person in crisis to organizations offering verified, free, and anonymous help around the world. The interventions, designed together with a team of psychologists, clinical therapists, and suicidologists, are intended to constitute a link between people in crisis and specialists.
Using artificial intelligence, a database of places, helplines, and self-help materials selected by experts, a support network is created to reach those who were previously unable to be reached on such a scale. One Life gives support before it’s too late.
So far we have reached and supported more than 25,000 people in crisis on Reddit.

To find out more visit One Life website here.
To read Time magazine article “AI Is Turning Social Media Into the Next Frontier for Suicide Prevention” visit this link

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Case Studies

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Developing AI system that meets the goals of the National Strategy for Preventing Veteran Suicide

Suicide rates have been historically high among Veterans, with the estimated risk being 57% higher than that of the general population. In order to investigate the suicidal tendencies among this group, we collected over 41,000 posts from VA Disability Claims Community Forums –

Keeping schools and online learning safe by monitoring spaces and 1:1 chats to detect hostile or inappropriate conversations.

The purpose of Samurai is to detect and prevent violence, making it an essential asset for educational institutions that use platforms such as Webex for remote learning and communication.

Moreover, it has a positive impact on the schools’ reputation. By showcasing a reduced incidence of aggressive behavior, institutions can attract parents; preference and potentially  enhance students’ performance in international educational rankings.

Keeping a top gaming community safe from toxicity and cyberbullying by identifying 30% more cases of community guidelines violations

● Over 130 violations of Community Guidelines were detected by Samurai Guardian each day

● 30% more Community Guideline violations were detected by Samurai Guardian and would be automatically removed when compared to human moderators.

● Less than 3% of Community Guideline violations were removed by moderators without being detected by Samurai Guardian.

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