Toxicity Radar for Brands

Adam Kowalski
13 November 2023
reading time: 1 minute

The communication landscape for brands has become more fragmented since the rise of the Creators Economy. On one hand, brands need to be present where their audiences are. On the other hand, they must carefully select communication channels to avoid any potential damage to their reputation.

Toxicity Radar offers a scoring system for advertising channels based on the content of creators and user comments and interactions. This tool helps you understand the sentiment within the community when planning and executing a marketing campaign.

We prioritize protecting your brand reputation and preventing any potential costly fallout.

  • Rates and assists in selecting suitable channels for your brand.
  • Evaluates risks before launching a campaign.
  • Monitors your advertising channels in real-time and takes proactive measures to mitigate any potential risks to your brand.
  • Provides actionable insights and recommendations to improve brand safety and minimize the impact of potential negative content on your advertising campaigns.
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Case Studies

We support various businesses in their efforts to moderate online speech. Read our recent case studies and find out how we help our clients all over the world.

Developing AI system that meets the goals of the National Strategy for Preventing Veteran Suicide

Suicide rates have been historically high among Veterans, with the estimated risk being 57% higher than that of the general population. In order to investigate the suicidal tendencies among this group, we collected over 41,000 posts from VA Disability Claims Community Forums –

Keeping schools and online learning safe by monitoring spaces and 1:1 chats to detect hostile or inappropriate conversations.

The purpose of Samurai is to detect and prevent violence, making it an essential asset for educational institutions that use platforms such as Webex for remote learning and communication.

Moreover, it has a positive impact on the schools’ reputation. By showcasing a reduced incidence of aggressive behavior, institutions can attract parents; preference and potentially  enhance students’ performance in international educational rankings.

Keeping a top gaming community safe from toxicity and cyberbullying by identifying 30% more cases of community guidelines violations

● Over 130 violations of Community Guidelines were detected by Samurai Guardian each day

● 30% more Community Guideline violations were detected by Samurai Guardian and would be automatically removed when compared to human moderators.

● Less than 3% of Community Guideline violations were removed by moderators without being detected by Samurai Guardian.

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